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FluenceTech Digital has spent years in developing unbeatable marketing strategies and powerful frameworks that suits almost every business to gain the success. Our growth hacking strategies have helped many businesses to grow and get a J-curve in profit.

Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

Get your site rank top in Google because user searches their needful and always click on links which appear in top 10 results of Google. Our Seo and content marketing strategies are designed in a way that it suits best to your budget though gives the best results.
- Website Auditing
- Target Audience Research
- Google Algorithm study
- Link Building Strategies
- Content Marketing

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Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

SMO is performed to optimize the content of your website to make it viable to be shared on social sites. And make users stay on your website which in result decreases the bounce rate. It majorly depends on site speed and design of the content.
- Setting Up Social Accounts
- Designing websites beautifully
- Creating viral content

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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is the next step after SMO. It includes your consistency of sharing unique and viral content on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. We have experience in creating eye-catching content for social media which brings you real and targeted audience.
- Video Content Marketing
- Running ads on Social Media
- Strategizing content sharing by time and audience

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Content Marketing

``Content is the king`` - All time favorite quote is becoming more realistic as Google's algorithm are changing day by day and your website or mobile app needs unique and quality content to sustain your rank on search engines.
- Increase Credibility
- Engage more users by developing useful content
- Video content, PPT content
- Blogs, Feature images posting at a constant time interval

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Content Marketing Digital Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC)

One of the best ways among paid advertising to engage only targeted audience and get visible more and pay only when your ad is clicked. We have a full proof plan for PPC ad campaign to get success. Below is the step we follow,
- Keyword Research
- Bid Management
- Refine Idea
- Test different Version of Ads
- Detailed report
- Retargeting user which already have engaged

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PPC Digital Marketing

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the most popular PPC program and around 90% of ads are accounted for Google. Your account is handled by our experienced and qualified professionals and you need winto worry not, once after setting it up.
- Increase ROI
- Narrow your audience by location, language, device type
- Allows displaying ads for an exact keyword phrase.
- Target both text and image ads

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Google Adwords Digital Marketing

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you a clear idea about every interaction taking place on your website from daily traffic to type of visitors in a well-formatted report with useful graphical representation. We offer consultation about how this data can be useful for your business in many ways like,
- Sharing strategies and implementing it
- Recommendations about tools
- Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reporting
- Understanding Customer Behaviour
- Getting aware of visitors locations, devices and much more

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Google Analytics Digital Marketing