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7 Social Media Marketing Hacks to Increase Engagement

7 Social Media Marketing Hacks to Increase Engagement

7 Social Media Marketing Hacks to Increase Engagement

Did you know? 

Social Media is one of the most popular online activities, considering 18 percent of total time spent on the web.

As a company, it’s great news for you. You can leverage social media platforms to join and interact with 3.484 billion active social media users.

When it comes to reaching your audience, it’s pretty reliable to say that all marketers understand the vital role social media plays in that journey. 

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Social media marketing has become a fundamental tool for reaching your viewers where they are. And it’s all about building a relationship with your audience by inspiring them to engage with you and the quality, informative and engaging content that you share.

So, here are some simple hacks that can give your social media marketing tactics to increase engagement.

#1  Create engaging and original topics to get a discussion going.

One of the best ways to engage your readers is to just ask them to do so by posting engaging or creative questions. To get the best reach and to get their eye on your content, including a video or image with your topic.

Social Media Content

#2 Conduct polls.

Polls are a simple and effective way to create engagement because they don’t need a lot of effort to participate in. They’re also an excellent way to get new information about your readers.


 #3 Use Hashtags.

This one may appear like an easy to some, but it’s yet deserving mentioning. Hashtags help users to find social content, so including them where they’re related is a must.

 To find appropriate hashtags, search social media channels natively or take a glance at databases such as Hashatit or Hashtagify.me. Also, do some analysis on hashtag best methods for each social network, as they often differ.


#4 Tag and mention commenters, sharers.

Tagging or mentioning other people, bloggers or any brands in your posts can lend trustworthiness to your post, as well as inform those your tagging that they’re being talked about and compel them to participate with their fans.


#5 Use popular events to ignite modern engagement.

Interesting stories and news articles are never in deficient supply. Suitably use them to continue the discussion and inspire people to share their views.

You can use some of the trending news topics sections on Twitter and Facebook to see what people are discussing. Google News is also a convenient place to find interesting subjects.


 #6  Use appealing images and video.

It has been said, humans are visual creatures. The analysis shows that an expected 90% of the data that comes to our brains is visual. So, using attractive images and videos as part of your social media marketing tactics will get your attention for sure.

 Take benefit of opportunities to give your viewers a sneak peek at new outcomes or results. These sorts of posts usually do well because you’re inviting your viewers to be a part of something different.

#7 Use social media management and analysis tools.

While the above six hacks are simple and effective, they can only reach their full potential if you’re continuously posting and involved in what’s appearing on your pages. Social media management and analysis tools can be efficiently combined into your daily routine. They mainly help you to schedule your posts and also to keep up on the social activity, so you can reply promptly and keep communications going.

social media tools

Image Source: PayPerTalent

There are several tools, both free and paid versions are available on the web. Some of the tools are Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Buffer, and Tweetdeck. 

Choose the one that best suits with your budget, objects and the networks you’re using.

 Just remember, social media is all about creating a relationship. 

So, be regular, be imaginative and be appealing.

What are some of the social media marketing hacks you use to increase engagement?

Let us know in the comments segment below.

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